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A photo of the artist Onyx.


I started my tattoo career in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve been working in shops since 2016 and tattooing since 2019. I grew up in a musically creative family and didn’t start drawing until I received my first tattoo at 18. I enjoy drawing in the traditional style, as well as bold black work, and ornamental tattooing. Flowers, bugs, birds, moths, reptiles, celestial, tarot, sacred geometry, decorative, and ornamental content tattoos are all projects I’m stoked to do. (The list truly goes on). I hope to help my clients feel comfortable and empowered during their tattoo process. I have “up for grabs” designs in the “Available” highlight on my Instagram page, @AscendingAlchemy. This is constantly updated so be sure to check in! I am also open to custom work! I love making your ideas unique to you. Let’s get the ball rollin' on your new tattoo adornment!

I spend my free time painting with India Ink and watercolors, or block printing and herbal dying clothes. I have an interest to pick up metal smithing, wood burning, or electro forming. I have no doubt I will create many things with my hands by the time this walk about is completed. I find a lot of therapy in color healing and crystals. I practice yoga, read tarot and enjoy the healing benefits of reiki and Ayurvedic medicine. I appreciate all things handmade, and have been striving to have all handmade goods in my life from my dishes, to jewelry to shoes and clothing. Artists supporting artists! I enjoy a minimal waste lifestyle, and spending time with mama earth. My favorite places to be are in the water, by a river or lake, or tucked at home by a fire pit.

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