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A photo of the artist Ramon Castro.

Ramon Castro He/Him

I've been interested in the tattoo industry since I was 12 and have been drawing since I could remember. I’ve been tattooing professionally for the past 9 years and for the last year I’ve been in Lyons at Metamorphosis Tattoo Studio. I don't plan on stopping or changing professions anytime soon, just building and learning more.

My main passion is doing black and grey realism/surrealism and lettering on the side. I also enjoy bold bright colors to mix things up a little. My goal over the next few years is to combine the two together, create my own style, and build a brand. I love discussing tattoo ideas with a client to give them a special unique tattoo made for them. Whether it be from a dream they had or a piece of art they saw, I love to draw up custom art for people.

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