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A photo of the artist Shelby Smith.

Shelby Smith She/Her

Hello there I am Shelby!

When I was a kid I did theater and dance and as I grew up I became more and more attracted to the visual arts. I’m really inspired by sacred geometry, patterns and ornamental designs more than anything.

There is something about sitting, shutting off the world, and creating...

Before discovering I could legitimately be a full time artist I was a hostess as a wee thing, doodling pretty much the whole shift. A co-worker approached me about coming up with a tattoo design. I really took that and ran with it. I took my doodles with schedules on the back and went shop to shop till I was given an apprenticeship.

I grew up in a small town in Florida and have always known I wasn’t going to be there forever. I’ve traveled quite a bit in my adult years and when I got to Colorado I had a sense of feeling home and comfort.

I really love to work with people one on one & art so combining them in a job is a dream come true! I love to make the imagination come alive for people. I personally know that tattoos have helped shape who I am; It makes me happy that I can do that for other people as well. It’s all about self love and to have this artistic therapy that really drives me.

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