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A photo of the artist Shylan Vance.

Shylan Vance She/They

My name is Shylan Vance and I am a visual artist with a focus in digital art and tattooing. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado I grew to love nature, exploration and the arts. I’ve been creating since I could remember, attending art focused middle and high schools. Finally, I made my way to the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver. There I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration.

I worked in Internal Technologies for six years. I started managing the tech team at RMCAD and after I graduated I worked for a telecommunications company. After years of climbing the corporate ladder and achieving greatness in my field, I still found an emptiness inside me.

I quickly realized that I needed to pursue art as a career or I’d never be fully satiated. I began getting tattooed and searched for an apprenticeship. I was more than lucky to hear back from Serina. I initially thought we were just doing a portfolio review and she’d send me on my way. At the end of our call to my suprise, she said “well, if you want to come hang out at the shop…” and I knew those were the magic words, so I never looked back!

I had never been a risk taker but I am so grateful I leapt and took an apprenticeship opportunity at Metamorphosis. It has given me my dream life of creativity and gifted me my most cherished friendships. This is your reminder to take risks and dream big! Excited to create with and meet you all!

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