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A photo of the artist Tina Greer.

Tina Greer She/Her

Originally from Southwest Virginia, Blue Ridge mountains, I began my career as a professional tattoo artist in a small town in North Carolina in 1991. The first two years I spent a lot of time tattooing on the road. It definitely set into place my love of traveling and living in new places. Before moving to Colorado, I was in Portland, OR for 11 years. Although I miss my Oregon tattoo family, I moved here chasing this beautiful sunshine!

As for my tattoo work, I love doing feminine and floral designs. I also love art that fits and flows with the shape of the body. I enjoy doing black and grey or color, whatever works best for the design. What I find most gratifying is doing original collaborations with clients. My work is hand drawn and comes from inspiration, intuition and patience. Beadwork and jewelry making has also been a passion of mine for over a decade now. When I’m not beading or tattooing , I love being outdoors (like most folks who live in this beautiful state)!

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