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A photo of the artist Serina Malec.

Serina "Twiggy" Malec She/Her

Howdy! You can call me Serina or Twiggy, whichever suits your fancy. A desert lizard at heart, I was born and raised in Arizona, I grew up riding ATVs and enjoying all outdoor activities. I have loved art of all kinds as long as I can remember. I began exploring my options of art careers in middle school thinking I wanted to become a comic book or anime illustrator. I began to make my way by drawing everyday and selling cosplay accessories that I had made by hand. I sold my items on Etsy in its infancy and at many conventions hoping to meet the right people and get my foot in the door...

After many friends had commissioned drawings from me for tattoos, eventually tattooing took grip on me and I never looked back. I began tattooing when I was eighteen while in a 2 and a half year apprenticeship.

Started from the bottom now I am here... After years of working for for the wrong kind of people, being belittled as a woman in the industry I wanted to raise the standards of hygiene and treatment of people in tattoo studios, I decided to open Metamorphosis Tattoo Studio as a safe haven for tattooists and clients. I have been a Colorado resident for 6 years now, shifting from cold blood, I have become one with the mountain life. . After the success of our location in Lyons, I opened up our second location in Boulder in 2018. Although you can find me in the studios almost everyday of the week, I spend every extra second still enjoying the outdoors and nature. I strive to improve my art everyday and to become a more well rounded human. Traveling is a way of life for me as well. I have traveled close to half the country and hope to one day make it all over the world.

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