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A photo of the artist Avery Palic.

Avery "Tyney" Palic She/Her

Hello Hello! Im Avery or Tyney! I grew up in Farmington, New Mexico and have pretty much stayed in the area since. I come from what I like to think is a very artistic family. From siblings who have done nothing but draw all their lives to a momma that is a beautiful silversmith. An honorable mention is the pops that can cook Michelin star. I love art of all forms and hope to never stop exploring the different mediums.

I am in love with all kinds of folklore and mythical creatures, always love the super spooky aspect and that creep factor. I typically do more custom designs so we can make sure the fit is right for everyone, I have a few “grab and go” designs available in my sketch books so you’re always welcome to flip through the book of wonder if you don’t quite know what you’re looking for. Very new to the Lyons and I’m very excited to hear all the rad ideas and connect with all the traveling souls!

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